How to install car decals

Car decals are great, not because they are customizable but when they are applied to a car, they look like as if the car has just been painted on. The decals can be big or small in size and they can be applied to the door, to the windows or to the entire sides of a car. The versatility of the product is such that there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your car with them.

You can do it!

Even though they are greatly popular, several car owners feel intimidated when they are faced with the challenge of installing car decals. You have only one chance of getting the installation right because of the presence of the vinyl adhesive. There might be a second chance too, but that is mostly not applicable because of the mistakes made during the first time. However, there is a foolproof way of installing the decals in the right way the very first time by just devoting enough time to it and working cautiously and carefully. If these things are carefully worked on, installing a decal on your car becomes very easy.

First things first

Before applying any decal, you have to wash your car thoroughly and let it dry fully. Then you have to use masking tapes to secure the decals to the body of your car. If the decal happens to be large in size, then you find a partner for helping you with the process.

Car decals

Now let us come to actual application of car decals. First, you have to lift it up and peel off the protective backing on the back. Do not try to remove the full backing at one go because that will make the decal fold itself. Just tear it away little by little from one part at a time. Then apply the decal to the car with the help of a squeegee. You would need to swipe out from the middle part of the decal to squeeze out the air bubbles. Continue to remove parts of the protective backing as you go on applying it. Once you apply the full decal to the car, check it for the presence of any wrinkles or bubbles with the squeegee. If you face problems with this, then you can use a pin to pop the air bubbles.

Car window decals

If you are trying to apply a small car decal to the window then you need to clean the window before applying it. If possible then measure the window to find a convenient spot for placing the decals. In case of small stickers or decals, you can remove the full protective backing. Squeeze out all the air bubbles from the sticker before applying it. You need to do this especially in case of an adhesive vinyl decal. If you are applying a window cling, then you need to apply it from the inside. After the installation is complete, spray the window with some water. If you see the presence of some bubbles, then lift up the car decal gently and re-apply it.


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