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Safety is a paramount feature that comes with every PROTON vehicle. For every model that they make, PROTON ensures that the vehicle receives a 5-star New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) score; a widely adopted automobile safety programme that evaluates the safety of new car designs. Although not mandatory, an NCAP rating typically informs potential car buyers on how well the car will protect them in a traffic collision. This helps buyers make a better decision before they purchase, as buyers will more likely choose a car that has a five-star rating rather than one with only three-stars, for example.

PROTON strives to ensure that its vehicles achieve the perfect score, as NCAP was created to share with consumers the levels of safety offered by different car models and brands, with each region or even country with its own NCAP chapter. A perfect NCAP score is never easy, but the team at PROTON make it their mission to get the perfect rating every time, most recently with the PROTON X50. 

The PROTON X50 is the latest model that has been released by PROTON, to wide acclaim from the Malaysian public. However, when the team at PROTON were looking to redevelop the Geely Binyue into the PROTON X50, there were crucial, yet subtle changes that had to be made, involving performance tuning, material replacement and parts repositioning. Checkout the latest Proton X50 Price in Malaysia.

Safety again, was at the forefront of this thought process. The X50 comes with safety features including Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Seatbelt Reminder (SBR) for front occupants across all variants. Aside from that, it also has other safety assist technologies like Blind Spot Technology, Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System and Lane Keep Assist. It is also fitted with ISOFIX and top tether fitment for accommodating child safety restraints (CRS) across all variants.

The X50 achieved an overall score of 84.26 points, and joins other 5-star rated cars in ASEAN NCAP’s list that include the PROTON X70 (2018) which scored 89.24, Perodua Aruz (2018) that scored 86.49, Toyota Corolla Cross (2020) which scored 88.61.

One crucial change that was made is on the body of the PROTON X50. In initial tests, when tested with a frontal collision during development, the front floorboard often experienced tearing, which is unacceptable by ASEAN-NCAP standards. To overcome this, the engineers had to reinforce these areas with ultra-high-strength steel, thereby shifting the force of impact to other areas that do not present any threat to occupant safety. Overall, 40% of the body, including the front, side and back, was made using a combination of high-strength steel variants.

Another interesting change was on the driver’s footrest, next to the gas and brake pedals. The engine is always placed under the hood on the right side of the vehicle, regardless of the driving side. Therefore, during a collision, the driver of a right-hand-drive PROTON X50 would be more vulnerable to foot injury as compared to the driver of a left-hand drive Geely Binyue. To safeguard the driver’s resting foot from such harm, the footrest for the PROTON X50 had to be modified to ensure that the foot remains on the footrest by reducing slippage.

“PROTON has always emphasized safety as one of its unique selling points unbiased to any country or platform. It is not surprising then, that we continue to challenge ourselves so that this DNA is inherent throughout our range of models, be it our locally produced car or the current joint development with our partner Geely.” said Zanita Zainuddin, Head of Safety and Intelligent Drive at PROTON, as well as the overseeing the safety set up for the X50. 

Overall, PROTON and Geely have both benefited from each brand being subjected to different safety approval and market standards. In this case, best practices are being gathered and shared across the board as both brands strive to continuously make improvements on their offerings. In the end, it’s a great win for consumers, who get to enjoy not only a comfortable ride but also a very safe one.

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